VR for Hospitals

Chimera works directly with healthcare providers and hospital staff to deliver easy to use VR therapies to patients staying in hospital. We play a major role in the delivery of VR therapy to patients in hospitals by engaging healthcare staff to act as program facilitators and support them with all of the necessary resources in order to coordinate the use of equipment without the need to operate the equipment.

With our remote software management, our program is designed to overcome the complexities of new technology adoption and reduce the burden on the hospital system. In achieving this Chimera has successfully modeled a wellness program that meets the hospital standard safety measures to benefit patients via their bedside.

VR Docking Stations

Our VR Docking Stations are compact and easy to store system ready to provide on-demand VR therapy to patients via their bedside. Chimera offers hospitals and healthcare providers customised VR programs to meet the needs for targeted therapies.

VR Therapy Chairs

Our VR therapy chairs are designed to benefit kids and young adults. An egg chair themed like the cockpit of an airplane and equipped with VR equipment allows for a joyful experience with the true feeling of hopping into an airplane and leaving the hospital to take a holiday.