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What We Do

Chimera Legacy Foundation is a Patient Centric organisation with a focus on supporting the delivery of new care models for inpatients receiving life saving treatment. Using the patient experience our team works directly with patients and healthcare professionals to deliver programs to improve mental wellbeing.

Our Story

Chimera Legacy Foundation was formed in 2019 to improve the inpatient healthcare journey using new and innovative technologies. The team at Chimera have identified a significant unmet need and have developed a patient centric solution to address stress associated with hospitalisation. 

Our Journey

 Chimera Legacy Foundation was founded by Leukaemia, Bone Marrow Transplant, Graft V Host Disease and Double Lung Transplant recipient Damien Thompson. With his own experience in VR therapy supporting him through his treatment Damien has set out on a journey to provide VR therapy to patients like him.

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