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The Chimera Legacy Foundation Team

Chimera Legacy Foundation is a Patient Centric organisation with a focus on supporting the delivery of new care models for inpatients receiving life saving treatment. Using the patient experience our team works directly with patients and healthcare professionals to deliver programs to improve mental wellbeing.
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Damien Thompson, Founding Director

From Leukaemia patient to Double Lung Transplant recipient Damien Thompson has had many health issues over the past 10 years having had many surgeries including Double Hip replacements. Now 32, Damien is also the founder of Chimera Legacy Foundation which aspires to improve the lives of patients involved in the Transplant process. He has been involved in many fundraising activities during his illness and is proud to extend his reach to the wider community.

Blair McMillan, Director, CFO

Experienced Finance Professional with a history of working in the Pharmaceutical, Software and Oil & Gas industries for over 10 years. Currently Finance Manager for ASX listed company. Education: Bachelor of Commerce, Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

Bill Petch, CEO

Bill is a passionate advocate for healthcare reform that will lead to personalized medicine. He established the first genomic blood cancer trial in Australia and currently sits on the expert steering committee of ALL.CAN Australia. Bill worked with the likes of Barnardos, in Australia and UK, HSBC, Vodafone, Officemax, J&J, Lend lease and Aldi, developing award winning social impact programs in youth homelessness, Financial Literacy, employment, health and wellness and patient Accommodation.

Prof. Rob Boots, Medical Advisor

Rob was the Chair of the Queensland Regional Committee for the Joint Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine for 6 years and has served on the committee for over 15 years. Rob became a board member of the College of Intensive Care Medicine of Australia and New Zealand in 2010 serving roles as Censor and Education Officer. As Deputy Director of Clinical Training at RBWH, Rob completed training in clinical education at Harvard and ran the procedural skills program for 12 years.

James Vedelago, Chairman

James is an engineer and problem solver whose passion and expertise working in the For-Purpose sector extends across three continents and over five different NFP organisations. James’ diverse experience and collaborative approach enables Chimera to interact with a diverse range of stakeholders, in order to improve patient outcomes.

Stephen Adam, Strategy and Funding

With a background in project management Stephen is versed in bringing together diverse teams and stakeholders to solve problems. In addition to providing strategy and direction to CLF, Stephen has secured important funding for the foundation via a range of community grants, government grants and corporate philanthropy / partnerships.

Stephen Brake, Director

Accounting professional with over 12 years’ experience in helping clients across various industry’s grow their businesses. Stephen is a highly regarded partner at Mazars, an international accounting firm. Stephen is also on the board for two other non-for profit organisations. Education: Bachelor of Commerce, Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

Jonathon Page, General Manager

Jonathon, is a business development manager of a multi venue company and a promotions/entertainment consultant, specialising in all area from food & beverage through to tourism operations. Throughout his career, spanning more than a decade, Jonathon has been involved in numerous charity endeavours as well as being a respected member of the Brisbane Backpackers Association.

Thomas Leiper, Promotions Manager

Tommy moved to Australia from the UK 7 years ago to pursue a career in tourism, specialising in accommodation and events. He has overseen a number of award winning properties and joins the team after assisting in our early fund raising events.

Anthea Faherty, Legal Advisor

Anthea has over 12 years’ experience as solicitor of McInnes Wilson Lawyers. Anthea has experience advising on corporate, mergers and acquisitions and tax appeals, objections and controversy matters and specialises in matters impacting charities and not-for-profits. Anthea has advised and worked with Boards of organisations, ranging from some of the largest in Australia to fast growing entrepreneurial and medium sized organisations.

Benjamin Deighton, Marketing Lead

Ben is a Marketing Professional with 16 years experience in the Entertainment industry across Australia and New Zealand. He is a member of a number of industry committees and has worked closely with a range of charities over the years.

Nick Wallace, VR Program Development

“Nick owns Free Space VR Arcade and is the Brand Ambassador for SpringboardVR, the global provider of VR Location-based entertainment (LBE) management software. He also provides consultancy services in the VR LBE Industry based on his specialised experience in the Industry.

Erin Mackee, Public Relations

Erin is a media and communications professional with more than 10years experience in public affairs, media and communication roles for State Government. A journalist by trade, she is passionate about getting good stories where they need to be.

Alysse Leicht, Head of Social Media

Alysse is a senior government advisor who is passionate about improving the lives of children, young people and their families. She spent several years working with Ronald McDonald House Charities, a role that further drove her passion for improving outcomes for cancer and transplant patients. But at the root of her passion is her hero and husband, Martin, who conquered Acute Myeloid Leaukaemia thanks to the gift of a stem cell transplant, only to be thown a curve ball of Graft versus Host Disease (GvHD). Alysse has degrees in phychology and education and has skills in research, communication, design and stakeholder engagement.

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