The Chimera Virtual Reality Aid (VR AID) Program

Virtual reality is a powerful tool to empower patients facing life saving treatment providing immersive distraction and the ability to travel outside the Hospital.

Chimera is working with hospitals, healthcare providers and academia to bring Virtual Reality to patients in order to improve care and recovery outcomes through its VR-AID program (Virtual Reality to reduce Anxiety (A), Insomnia (I) and Depression (D)).

Chimera has implemented Virtual Reality Programs at both the Royal Brisbane and Woman’s Hospital and Townsville University Hospital.

Patients can travel  anywhere in the world (A Holiday from Hospital!) and immerse themselves in interactive games and chat rooms.

Chimera recognizes the inherent challenge in implementing new technology into hospitals and clinical settings. To that end, Chimera works with hospitals and healthcare practitioners to provide beneficial, patient centric immersive experiences, through a measured, risk-based approach.