Digital Learning Support Program

The Challenge

Children and young people living with chronic health conditions, including cancer and organ transplantation, face lengthy absences from school. 

While sporadic attendance may be possible for some, others face months away from the classroom.

Traditionally, it is up to the classroom teacher to support these children best as they can, delivering worksheets and books when they can. Parents and caregivers are then tasked with supporting their child to learn under already difficult conditions. Limited attention spans, poor memory and fatigue stemming from treatment regimes compound the challenges faced by students and parents alike.

Chimera’s solution

Chimera is currently working with various stakeholders to implement an interactive digital learning program for students who have experienced lengthy absences from school as a result of illness.

The education program has been designed by an accredited educational professional.

The program supports the literacy and numeracy development of students in an engaging digital environment. It also empowers parents to support their child through the learning journey.

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